Flooded basements in Shaker Heights

Email alert  from Mayor Leiken:

As you know, the City weathered a severe storm last night that overwhelmed our sewer system and caused serious flooding on roadways, lakes and in homes. A total of 2.78 inches of rain fell in Shaker Heights in a very short period of time. In one minute, the rain was pouring down at the rate of 7.20 inches per hour. Sewer systems are simply not designed to manage this volume of water all at once and as a result, the City experienced flooding unlike anything in recent memory. 

The City immediately opened its Emergency Operations Center and coordinated with Police, Fire Public Works and the Administration to insure the safety of residents and manage the situation by closing roads and opening overflow valves in our lakes. The team continued to monitor the situation through the night. As of this morning, flood waters have receded, sewers are managing additional rainfall and runoff, and the City is back to normal operations. 

We are aware that many residents experienced significant flooding in basements causing water damage to carpets, furniture and other items. The Public Works Department will pick up large water damaged items from tree lawns today through Thursday, July 31. If you leave items on your tree lawn, please call 491-1490 to let Public Works know that you have a pick up. 

The once-per-quarter large item drop off rule will be waived until October 1. If you have water damaged items that you need to dispose of after this Thursday, you may bring them to the Service Center at 15600 Chagrin Boulevard on Saturdays from 8 am-4 pm. Please visit the Public Works page on the City’s website for more information and details about identification required for drop off. 

If you experienced flooding in your basement and would like the City side of your sewer line (the portion from the T to the Main) checked for clogs, please call Public Works at 491-1490. This work will be scheduled after debris from the storm has been cleaned up. 

We know that some residents are still without power. Please check the First Energy website for the latest updates on the estimated time for power restoration. 

Public Works crews are working diligently today to clean up the City and to be sure that sewer grates are not blocked with debris from the flooding. If you have further questions or concerns, please call the Public Works Department at 491-1490. 

I hope that the extension of these City services will help residents manage the complications and aggravation caused by the storm and the subsequent damage due to flooding.

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